PTA Vacancies for 2019-20

The Olney Elementary School PTA counts on parent volunteers to help make our programs and events a success. If you are interested in filling any of the vacant PTA positions listed below or want to learn about other ways to get involved, please contact PTA President Mariah Payne at


The following positions are elected for 2-year terms.

Vice President
Manage all room reservations and permits for PTA events through ActiveMontgomery and CUPF.  Attend monthly board & general membership meetings as well as PTA events when possible.  Assist president with planning calendar of events, PTA meeting agendas, filling committee positions, liaising with the school administration and other duties.  Assume various duties when chairpersons are unable to fulfill their duties or require assistance.

Record the minutes at all board and general membership meetings.  Submit minutes to the PTA president for review & make necessary revisions before they’re posted on PTA website.  Prepare and photocopy minutes for the meetings.  Prepare a sign-in sheet for the meetings to record members present.  Keep an electronic copy of all agendas and minutes.  Provide copies of Bylaws and Standing Rules to any PTA member upon request.  Update bylaws and submit to Maryland PTA as necessary (required Fall 2020).


MCCPTA Representative(s)
Do you want to play an active role in the PTA and be well-informed about local and county school matters?  Then, volunteer to be one of Olney Elementary’s MCCPTA delegates. The MCCPTA, the Montgomery County Council of PTAs, hosts a meeting on the 4th Tuesday of each month during the school year in Rockville from approximately 7:30 to 9. During this meeting, a delegate receives information about county and state wide school matters and has the potential to share, debate, and vote on issues that might directly affect Olney Elementary. In addition to hosting this monthly meeting, the MCCPTA circulates emails with information about county-wide programs, changes, and advocacy matters. After gaining a plethora of information, a delegate fulfills his/her role as a liaison and relays pertinent information received from the MCCPTA meetings and emails to Olney’s PTA.

NAACP Parents’ Council Representative
Interested in representing and advocating for Olney Elementary and its kids? The Montgomery County NAACP Parents’ Council is one of the vehicles created to empower African American and other minority parents to take a more pro-active role in the education of their children. The Parents’ Council provides a forum through which interested citizens may offer assistance, guidance and support to African American parents and students of Montgomery County Public Schools to pursue the highest quality education possible through encouragement, information sharing, positive motivation, critical evaluation and advocacy.

Olney Elementary’s Parent Council Representative will be asked to:

  • Attend the monthly meetings. (If you are unable to attend, please send someone else so your school is represented.)
  • Share important information from the Parents’ Council with your school community through email lists, phone calls, etc.
  • Plan/support outreach events/activities at your school
  • Be a member of the NAACP

For more information, please visit the Parents’ Council website at


Chess Club Mentor
This OES club needs a sociable co-leader with good kid skills to help organize players into groups and help set up the season ending tournament.  The Chess Club meets one day a week after school usually Fridays in December through March.  Minimal knowledge of the game is fine.  A club leader is already in place and this is an auxiliary role to come Friday afternoons 3:30-5:15pm through the season, but every session is not mandatory.

Community Athletic Game
Coordinate our 3rd annual kickball game for staff and parents, scheduled to take place after school one day in Spring 2020.

Diversity Committee
Our families and students have many different talents, backgrounds, opportunities and challenges. Write monthly newsletter submissions and/or create bulletin board displays to recognize the diversity of our community.  Coordinate Cultural Heritage Night or similar event.  Additionally, help ensure that all families feel welcome to participate in PTA meetings and events.

End of Year Social
Coordinate a fun social event for OES families and staff to celebrate the end of another successful school year!

Milk & Cookies Night
The coordinator purchases supplies for Milk & Cookies Night; works with Ms. Perper to arrange teacher readings and to decorate reading rooms; organizes adult and SSL volunteers and oversees the event.  The coordinator also works closely with the Book Fair organizers.

Spring Dance Committee
Help our coordinator with planning, decorations, staff raffle and more for one of the events OES students look forward to most each year!


Administrator for MySchoolAnywhere/Membership Toolkit website/app.  Manage online directory by approving new accounts, assisting parents who have questions, etc.

Dragon Tales
Design the weekly newsletter to keep families and staff informed about what’s going on at OES.  Articles are submitted by various PTA volunteers.

Dragon Tales, Jr.
This monthly newsletter features student artwork and writing.  Coordinators are responsible for collecting submissions, creating newsletter and distributing copies.

Website/Social Media*
Maintain OES PTA website using WordPress. Keep homepage, calendar and other pages current as well as create new ones as needed.  Manage Facebook page, posting on a regular basis to keep families informed about relevant news and events.
Can be split between two volunteers.



5th Grade Memories Committee
Fifth grade parents are needed to coordinate the end of year activities for the OES Class of 2020.  The signup for 5th Grade Memories committee will be available at Back to School Night (September).

Grant Writing
Research opportunities for grants to help support our school.  Submit proposals as needed.

Kids Heart Challenge/Field Day
Assist Ms. Morse with Kids Heart Challenge and Field Day events.

School Grounds Committee
Help Building Services maintain exterior of school grounds (mulching, weeding, planting, etc.).

Staff Appreciation Committee
The Staff Appreciation Committee is in charge of finding ways to celebrate the staff at OES. This involves planning and organizing donations and activities each month which has included the Wish Wall, Back to School Breakfast, Book Fair preview breakfast, Pie Drive, Holiday Treats, mailbox treats, snack cart, organizing staff lounge sponsors, and Staff Appreciation Week.  Creative alternatives or additional activities are always welcome!


Fundraiser Committee
Help plan and carry out the PTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year.  Numerous positions available including sponsorships, student incentives, marketing and more.  This event has been a fun run in recent years.

Grocery Programs
Manage OES PTA accounts for Harris Teeter’s Together in Education and Giant’s A+ School Rewards programs.  Assist parents in registering at beginning of each school year and inform community of bonus opportunities.

Spirit Wear
Work begins over the summer in order to have spirit wear available at the beginning of the school year.  Work with vendor to create/design and order Olney ES Spirit Wear items such as t-shirts, magnets, etc.  Decide marketing strategy for upcoming year (order in bulk, etc.).  Manage ordering, distribution and sales at school events.

Restaurant Nights
The coordinator works with local restaurants to set up monthly fundraisers.  Help spread the word to staff and parents as well as larger Olney community through flyers, Fletcher’s BP sign, online forums, etc.

Work with yearbook company to create the school yearbook, help take photographs, collect photographs from parents and classroom teachers, coordinate yearbook sales as well as other tasks.  Distribute yearbooks to teachers for distribution at end of school year.  Most of the work may be done at home on a personal computer.


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