URGENT NEED- Financial Review for our PTA!



A financial review is needed for Olney ES PTA to make sure we stay current on our non-profit status. I am asking for volunteers that would be able to meet together to conduct a financial review of the PTA. We will need to select at least 3 current PTA members to conduct this review. The review is meant to assure both the entire membership as well as the Board of Directors that the funds of the PTA have been properly administered and that good financial practices have been followed. We need to conduct this and send to the Maryland PTA by October 31st, 2013, hence the urgent request.

You can Volunteer if:

  • You are a current member of the PTA
  • You are NOT on the Board of Directors or an authorized signature on the PTA checking account

A quick overview of what is expected:

1)      Compare the starting balances with the last financial review

2)      Check all documents for mathematical accuracy

3)      Check that all income and expenditures are allocated in the same budget lines that constitute the approved budget that they are accurately reflected in the annual financial report.

4)      Prepare written report of findings, signed by the auditor or all of the financial review committee members and sent to the Board of Directors.

Please reach out directly to Joshua Russell (josharussell@gmail.com), if you are interested. There are easy to follow instructions and we will have our Treasurer available for any questions that may arise. Again this request is urgent and we will need to act quickly to accomplish this requirement. Thank you ahead of time for your participation!

Joshua Russell
President, Olney ES PTA