Message from Mrs. Glawe


Since last year we have had many conversations in PTA meetings and Principal Coffees about “fences being erected” at OES. This conversation actually began prior to last year when there were several incidents in the neighborhood. When the new playground was built (in the summer of 2011), a fence was supposed to be added as a barrier between the playground and the parking lot.  However, that never happened…so now many of you have heard that two fences will be erected this month.

Below is what we know:

MCPS Department of Facilities Management has investigated the existing conditions at Olney ES  and determined that additional fencing near the playground at the front of the school and along the asphalt pathway at the rear of the school will enhance the current safety measures at the school. Therefore, they plan to “install a four-feet high fence” between the playground and the parking lot and a “six-feet high fence” extending the fence that is already located on the north side of the path that separates the school from the professional building behind Olney ES. These upgrades will enhance the safety of our students during recess, arrival and dismissal. The existing path that connects Morningwood Dr. to OES will not be touched or altered in anyway.

Should you have any questions or need clarification regarding this upgrade, please feel free to discuss them with the administrative team.