OES Directories In and Distributed

The directories have now been distributed. The 2012-2013 National PTA Membership Card is inside the directory. The National PTA dues ($4.75 per membership) has been included in your OES PTA membership dues. The Member ID card is not stapled and it includes instructions on how to activate it. You need to activate it in order for you to access membership resources and benefits. You can activate your card by calling 800-307-4PTA (4782) or by going to http://www.pta.org/activate. Below are the steps to activate the card online:

1. Enter the Unique ID* – it is on the ID card

2. Enter school PTA name: Olney Elementary School PTA (you can also

select it)

3. Enter name/email

4. Address – it’s optional

Upon the completion of the activation you will receive an email confirmation with the login/password for the PTA.org member services and a link to the $10 off $50 at OfficeMax and a Hertz rental car PTA member number. Thank you for joining! If you still would like to join, you can do so online at our website (www.olneyespta.org). Contact Beata DeLuigi with questions (beata_deluigi@yahoo.com).