Request from 4th Grade Teachers to OES Families: Help Needed

We have a special request from the Fourth Grade Teachers: “All fourth grade classes will be involved in making Reef Balls for the Chesapeake Bay. This is a project that is new to us and the school but sounded like a great learning experience for the kids. In order to create the Reef Balls we need some specific materials and we were hoping that the PTA could help us find people that could donate the materials needed. Below is a list of materials needed for the project. Please let me know if the PTA would be able to help with this project. Thank you!”

Materials Needed to Make 4 Reef Balls

• 8 – 60 lb bags of sakrete (2 bags per ball)

• 1 – 60–80 lb bag of cement (mortar mix).  You need 10

lbs of cement per reef ball but the smallest they come are 60 lbs. and sometimes they only have 80 lb bags.

• 80 lb bag of sand for the entire project

• Quart or larger vegetable oil for entire project

Materials needed by Friday, November 9th

Please contact if you can help.